Unlocking the value of voice

Voice driven.
Human Powered.
Patented Technology.

A cloud-based voice technology stack suited to mobilization in a broad range of industries and applications

for humans

Voice powered technology designed by humans, for humans.

Development capability

Next generation technology adapted to solve today's problems.



From support through to custom implementations, we're here to help.

Cloud-based Innovation.

The i-Command cloud-based technology platform was developed to assist in human-to-machine interaction. Over the past 15 years, i-Command Inc. has evolved its portfolio into a suite of solutions solving core and fundamental business operation requirements.


101Pro™ is the latest training and educational offering in our suite of revolutionary 
technologies, enabling “Hands Free For Hands On” learning.

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About us

Since 2006 we’ve been at the forefront of emerging technologies, developing voice driven products for enterprise and private consumers. Such solutions have fostered a more connected, efficient and harmonious relationship between consumers, employees and businesses alike. With offices spanning multiple continents and hemispheres, we’re equipped to deploy solutions globally.

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