Our story

Born out of a desire to innovate the way humans interact with data and consume knowledge, i-Command's founder reinvented the core technology around voice recognition, ready for mobilization in a broad range of contexts.

Our approach

The i-Command cloud-based technology platform was developed to assist in human-to-machine interaction. Over the past 15 years, i-Command Inc. has evolved its portfolio into a suite of solutions solving core and fundamental business operation requirements.

Our Software as a Service model allows for quick deployment and scale across all business regardless of size. We have flexible pricing models suitable for both CapEX and OpEX projects.

Our board

Meet our leading experts providing guidance and insight to steer i-Command's corporate direction and strategy.

Meet the board

Patented technology

Pioneers of dynamic and trailblazing technology, i-Command has been awarded patents throughout the world and in a variety of countries including Australia, Singapore and the United States.

Virgin Atlantic

I found the iCommand app to be very easy to use. It was helpful in thinking through all the tasks that need to be completed for Virgin America’s mass off-boarding project. Putting together the task list in iCommand was very easy and straight-forward.