Powered Products

Voice driven. Human Powered. Patented Technology.

Flexible applications

The i-Command cloud-based technology platform was developed to assist in human-to-machine interaction. Over the past 15 years, i-Command Inc. has evolved its portfolio into a suite of solutions solving core and fundamental business operation requirements.


Designed as a 21st century solution to analog and defunct information and training methods.

101Pro™ is the encompassment of focused content, in depth/accountable analytics, voice driven, In-app content editing and more!

A true powerhouse for producing, consuming and engaging in consumer, employee, influencer, or peer to peer directed content.

Reception Agent

Harnessing i-Command’s proprietary voice directed and contextually founded tech. Reception Agent offers cost effective innovation for the new world of low touch no touch environments, leaving employees and consumers alike safer, better informed, equipped, engaged and connected.